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ciz&iz’s Travel Diary

Monday, 31 Oct 2005

Location: Shanghai, China

Map(Ciz) Ahoy there maties, we'll say as tomorrow we set sail on a two day journey between Shanghai and Osaka Japan, the plan is to spend one or two weeks there before setting our red sails back to the comfort of the people's republic.
Shanghai is a BIG Big city even by chinese standards. It's really alot like New York with the endless sea of skyscrapers contrasting the down and outs who missed out on their slice of the pie. Whats really amazing is that it's still growing. As soon as something is discovered to be old it's torn down and a shopping mall or business tower is put in it's place. We went to a museam which showed us what the finished plan will look like and it makes me think we better get the finger out back home. These guys have big plans! (And really big models to show people as well)
We have spent our few days here checking out museams and the such and mingling with the natives. Vegetatrian food (and i hold up big green vegetratian hand on this one) can be challanging and disappointing, and this REALLY is the first time we have experienced this since comming to Asia ( What sort of neanderthals are we dealing with here?????????????????????). Still we like a good challange and it is puttiing our chinese skills to the test (believe me!!).
Well that's it for now, check out the photos and keep the blog coming in, we love to hear form you too! As day say in china, Bye Bye. (They do, I swear!)