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ciz&iz’s Travel Diary

Monday, 07 Nov 2005

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Map(Liz) WOW! Our first weekend in Tokyo has just passed and we`re slowly recovering from the wonderful madness that it was. Our first night we went to some lovely restaurants/bars - one which was an old church, decorated with statues of Jesus and his friends and some mad demons thrown in for good measure. All very gothic and dark. We then moved on to Roppongy, the bar and expat area of central Tokyo. This was a less pleasing sight: Old fat meatheads drewling over gorgeous Japanese women (and a fair number of prostitutes) and behaving like the scum of the earth. But it wasn`t only the white trash that was behaving badly, you`d see quite a few older Japanese buisness men surfing the scene as well. Not a pretty sight, and we actually ended up calling an ambulance for a girl. She was so out of it that she`d collapsed while her sugar daddy or other was busy keeping face and pretending that everything was just fine. Crazy, but I guess that`s one side of Tokyo. The next evening however, we had a fab time checking out Tokyo`s club scene and ending up at some afterparty on the rooftop. 7 months since the last proper clubbing experience, so we were well excited!

In fact, I think we like Japan so much we might stay here and try and get ourselves some jobs. At the moment we`re crashing at an old friend`s of mine, which is really a blessing as hotel prices here would have killed us alone - Thanks a million Tara! But rumours have it you can get okay jobs here where they`ll throw in some cheap accomodation in the package, so as from today we`re looking. And as for the toilets (quite a few people have been asking about this now) YES - they DO do stuff. They spray you both front and back (ladies only, boys only get the bum spray) and you can adjust both temperature and preassure... And then you have the seat warmer and the flushing sound you press to conceal what really is happening - they are very prude in that sense.

Stay well all of you back home and over the globe,
Lots of love from us xxx