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ciz&iz’s Travel Diary

Monday, 14 Nov 2005

Location: Tokyo, Japan

MapHiya folks,
Stil in Tokyo city living it up! Got mezmerised and never wanted to leave, but reality is that it`s not a place for budget travellers so sadly, we will be going soon... to TAIWAN! (It could be a lot worse huh?!) As for touristy stuff, as per usual, we`re not in a rush and hence have done very little of that, but I can feel the tourist nerve twitching again, so I`m guessing we`ll be out there in the museums and temples quinching our cultural thirst within a day or two. Having said that though, cities really are places you should experience, and THAT we have done! Our latest experience was a Sunday stroll in Yoyogi park, watching Elvis rockers rocking out to Japanese "Rock around the clock" (proper styled hair and leather pants!) with fashion dogs running around their legs (hoddies and bling bling on four legs, I really don`t get it - they`re DOGS!). Next on our agenda is the science museum where we hope to see some real robots and then a relaxing tour to the local Onsen (hotspring). Mmmm sweet life!

Thinking of y`all!
Ciz & Iz xxx