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ciz&iz’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 22 Nov 2005

Location: Japan

MapHello there dear friend, family member or random logger oner (as sometimes seems to be the case) the story continues........

We`re just back from our outting to the Japanese countryside (sit yer arse down and I`ll tell ye all about it), a small town called Nikko. We needed a break from Tokyo city, anything fun seems to happen at night round here and so thats going to cost a large wad of cash. So you could say we were motivated by a need to see somthing apart from Tokyo before we leave and out of fear of going bankrupt.The countryside was cool and spectacularly beautiful, nobody ever speaks about the japanese countryside so I`m going to start. It was great. At this time a year the autum leaves left us with spectacular impressions and complemented the golden leaved temple rooftops we came across. We spent some time today walking around and soaking it all in getting our breath of air and it was cold air at that. The nice thing about travelling is you always have something to look forward to and we`re both really looking forward to getting back to somewhere where it`s warm all year round, but we just can`t have it all at once, right?
Anyways we tried an onsen yesterday, for those of you in the know, an onsen is a japanese bath house. Traditionally men and women used to bath together but our sexually distorted western/christian values have made it all the way to Japan and these days, the times being what they are, for safety reasons and all that, the boys and girls have their own seperate bath houses. This ment Liz and i had to part company for an hour or two, but somehow we handled it and had a relaxing time. It was really chilling with an outdoor natural bath set in these rocks and lots of older guys floating around. Liz oddly enough, didn`t manage to spot the two good looking ladies from the brochure but we`ll put them in the photo section so you can get the idea.
Speaking of which, apoligies for the lack of Japanese photography, i know yer work days seem so dull without them. Internet here uses an old programe (Tecknology in Japan is just so behind!) So as soon as we get to taipei we`ll get them uploaded. We`ll do it on a Friday to put you in a really good mood ;).
Oh, one last word about our trip within a trip. We stayed at a hostel run by some old Japanese folk and man are they uptight. Rules, rules rules. This is the flip side to japanese culture. On one hand their really polite, courteous and helpfull but on the other hand they can be a bit square with their social bounderies and obligations, like living in a cultural straight jacket as the saying goes (or having a stick up yer arse). Obviously the honeymoon period is coming to an end, so it`s off to taiwan tomorrow, speak to ye then, bye for now.