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ciz&iz’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 01 Dec 2005

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

MapHappy Advent to y'all!
1st of Dec and we've just spent our first week in Taipei, +20C and short sleeves... Mmmm! Feels a bit strange that x-mas is approaching while the weather is this good, but I guess we'll have to get used to it;-)

Unfortunately we haven't been up to much sightseeing yet, as we are at the very end of our budget and decided to try and prolong our stay by doing some, ehum, wor... ehehehum, work. That's the word... Don't know what the deal with it is yet, but we'll keep looking for a few more weeks. If not, you might see us earlier than expected, or at least some of yous - others won't see us at all as we might not make it this time. Having said that though, job prospects are looking okay here - it's just a matter of timing and all. Fingers crossed!

Taipei as a city is quite big, but to our pleasant surprise not that crowded. This might be because everything here seems to be happening on many levels: You'll find long winding underground tunnels leading you halfway across the city, just like a subcity operating in te basement. And the shops here don't open untill after 10am, so Ciaran has taken the opportunity to explore the empty tunnels during his morning runs. A bit odd alright, I mean, you hear of people jogging in the park, but underground?! Well, here in Taipei, that's what they do! Anyhow, other than that it seems Taiwan (like all other american sponsored asian countries so far) is trying it's best to become as US friendly as possible. Everything is very americanised, not to mention the tourists we've met. At one point there was actually only myself and Ciaran representing the rest of the world in the hostel we're staying. Everyone else was from the US or Canada... Phew! Having said that though, they're not all bad - just a shock to the system to meet so many at once.

Well folks, I'm going back to my job search (no more lazy time for Izzy). Hope you're all fab and enjoying this wonderful x-mas month in its fullest! Love and kisses Iz & Ciz xxx