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ciz&iz’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 14 Dec 2005

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

MapHiya folks,
Still in Taipei, but working now, and it feels good havin some dough roll in rather than out... Luckily we had time for a quick sightseeing tour of the Island before we got bogged down with english grammar, speling and all that, and pics are on da way.
Got a car and drowe down (don't worry, Izzy wasn't driving) the east coast and saw some amazing ocean scenes from high up cliffs. Then headed inwards and through the mountains of Taiwan. Not the best time of the year as it was cold and cloudy through parts, but nonetheless stunning views. Wouldn't mind going back there come spring time. After the cold mountains we decided to pamper ourselves and heat our frozen limbs in one of the many hot springs. Smelly at first (loads of healthy sulphates in the water), but oh sooooooo relalalaxing! The following morning we'd had enough of cold mountains and headed down south of the Island. What a dfference! Time for short sleeves and sunglasses again, just the way we like it;-) The towns were pretty quiet, but I guess that all changes during summer season when I bet they turn in to surfers' paradise.
So, anyhow, that was our little quicky around the island and now we're back in the big town, making our big bucks... Or something like that. We'll tell you all about our x-mas celebrations (probably not nearly as wild as many of yours back home) and our new lives as professional english teachers...

Peace n love to y'all,
Ciz & Iz xxx