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ciz&iz’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 25 Dec 2005

Location: Taipei, Taiwan


A quick note on this x-mas day to wish you all a jolly good time in this season of joy, chocolate, booze, food, food, chocolate and more food. We're staying put in Taiwanmex Guesthouse (our home since 3 weeks now) and are recovering from the crazy x-mas party we threw here yesterday. There were mashed spudds, homemade nutroast (believe it or not!!!), american egg nog, chicken for the non-veg and a lot of coctails... And it all took place outdoors on our little rooftop patio! Not bad for a x-mas away from home;-) Anyhow, I'm gonna get back to sipping my Baileys and watching cheezy movies now.

Sending you all our love,
Ciz n Iz xxx