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ciz&iz’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 07 Jan 2006

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

MapHowdy y'all,

Hope this first week of the new year has come off to a good start! We had a good night of worldclass fireworks, glowsticks, cheap beer and free dance party in the Warner Village square, next to Taipei 101. Over a million people had come out to watch the spectacle (that lasted a whole minute and a half...), but at first we weren't really sure what was going on - everyone was scuffeling around, but not really having a good time. In fact, it didn't seem like they were even trying. There were stalls all over, but not a single one of them sold beer or any other type of adult beverage. We were puzzled to say the least. However, we were not willing to let this New Years slip through our fingers that easily, so we went to good ol' 7-11 for some cheapo beer for our spirits, and then off on adventures. And we didn't have to look very far. Just around the corner sweet beats were pumping out and the locals were getting down with it - BINGO! The whole scene was a bit surreal to our eyes though. People of ALL ages (5-65) were hanging around and the cinema by the square had turned in to some sort of flake out haven - it felt like being at some huge squat party, only the kids on the floor were eating pot noodle, drinking tea, playing cards or taking a nap while the cinema staff were serving popcorn, ripping tickets and trying to keep it clean and tidy... We had a great time though and danced the night away.

As for our life here in Taipei: Iz is working and Ciz is still on the hunt. We're looking to get our own place here for a few months, learn some Chinese at the university and then set sail for home when we think the winds are warm enough.

Peace and love to you all,
Ciaran & Liz xxx