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ciz&iz’s Travel Diary

Monday, 23 Jan 2006

Location: Taiwan

We got jobs! wuhu! I'm teaching kindergarten to elementary school which is a piece of em, cake and Liz is teaching little adolesent brats with attitude. Well not exactely, their all nerds here in Taiwan whose idea of a socail life is meeting their friends for online Dungenons and dragons, which consiquently I've managed to get into, so you could say I've manged to addapt to the culture and am fitting right in. We've just gone on a visa run to Thiland. Great place I would recommend it to anyone. We manged to buy pirate DVDs, see a kickboxing match ( a proper one, we weren't involved) and get to the beach and get our customary dose of sunburn, .great! Lying on a tropical beach with the clear water and white sand we thought, hey! it's January and we're on a tropical beach with clear water and white sand. Deadly! Alas it was all over too soon and we had to get our white assses and pink to red rest of our bodies back to Taiwan where the weather is waiting to turn back to sunshine any day now. It's around 12 to 20 degrees and raining and some nights are cooold. Tropical island my ass. But the good news is I started work today so am on the pay roll so there will be plenty more oppurtunities to loaf around on beaches coming up.
Well thats it for now, hope you're all having a good one where ever ye may be and take care of yer wee selves.
Slan go foll.