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ciz&iz’s Travel Diary

Friday, 03 Feb 2006

Location: Taiwan

MapHey one and All.
Taiwan is starting to take a whole diffenent light for the two of us, every since we discovered what a kicking town tis is. On the surface it seems to be the uglist eyesore on the earth, (and the taiwanese are really helpfull but squre individuals), but once you get into living here u realise what a fun place is is to live. We have been hitting the night life a bit lately and there seems to be lots of great places to go. The bars are open all night every night which is a blessing, so there's plenty of night time adventures to be had. The only problem for us now is infiltrating some Taiwanese to hang out with (because they really are just like pokeamon, the cutest and squeekiest people alive) as for the most of the time we end up hanging out with other ex-pats (foriginers) and a lot of them seem to be here beacuse their running away from something else.....dum da dum dum. Strange characters in a foreign city. Then again you do meet a lot of weirdos on a Saturday night in Dublin (or London) and we do meet the sound ones here as well, so it proberally works out the same. I guess as our Chinese starts to get better Taiwanese oppurtunities will arrise.
We found a swiming pool down the road with a gym for really cheap so were getting stuck into swimming every day. Ahh, some real exercise at last. All these painfull months stuck on busses, planes and trains, how nice it is to give our arses a rest and flex some other muscles Really getting stuck in (iron and all) so we can gives yes all a wrestle when we get back.
Anto is coming over real soon to get involved in the teaching game with us. Anyone thinking of traveling to Asia? I would suggest going to Taiwan and working as an English teacher cause there's loads of jobs, that way you can make the money fast cause the cost of living is low.
So we will be looking to get an appartment together. It will be great to have our own place, but i do like living here at the hostel, Liz and I now are the only "lifers" left so we have the place nearly to ourselves and they do have free internet here, which remainds me, there is a web cam and mic here so any of you who want to meet up on messanger send us an e-mail an we can arrange a time and get it on, its tons of fun when you can see who your talkin to and it's fee, so get on to it now!!!
Ok, talk to you guys later.