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Sean Somers’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 20 Jan 2010

Location: Milan, Italy

MapHello everyone!

It seems so surreal to be across the pond in Italia but it has already been a great experience! I can't believe its already been a week since I got here. The journey here was almost obstacle free...missed my connecting flight in Rome but no luggage was lost unlike most of my friends so I'm content.

Milan is quite a neat city. It does not have the beauty of some of the other famous italian cities but it has some amazing architecture and the city center is a fun place my friends like to frequent. Il Duomo is the main cathedral (third biggest in Europe) that establishes the center of Milano continuing on with the Galleria, which houses the top designers such as Prada and Gucci(and then a McDonalds LOL...although you are able to get beer and wine at this Mickey D's). It is amazing how many shops you can find around this shopping haven and currently it is packed with people since the sales are still going until the end of the month. I have resisted from spending however, although I may have gotten lost in the Dolce and Gabbana store for an hour haha!

Orientation you could say was quite a fun week. We don't start classes till February 8th and until then we have intensive italian for two and a half hours in the morning (9-11:30) M-F which means 150 ish American students take advantage of the nightlife. At venues such as Alcatraz and La Banque, fun is plentiful and easy to find. It was a fun week of bonding...lets put it that way. Overall I have had quite an easy transition into the European way of life. Some things I miss are PEANUT BUTTER, the family of course, but I am really enjoying it here! The Italian staff at IES have helped us through a spa day and other numerous activities around the centre of Milan to help us out haha.

One of the funniest things that has happened to me is meeting this one italian kid. He just got back from studying abroad in New York at Albany-SUNY and was so depressed to leave. He kept talking about how much he loved the states and how he went to Miami for spring break and how it was the bomb! lol...he hates Milan and Lake Como, which is where he technically lives. Rough life lol...That was very funny to me.

This weekend I'm off to Lugova, Switzerland with a bunch of people from the IES program. I am excited to see some picturesque views and continue getting to know the other students in the program. It really is fun to meet such a diverse group of students from all over the country. Until next time...signing off.

Sean Somers