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Sean Somers’s Travel Diary

Monday, 25 Jan 2010

Location: Lugona, Bellinzona, Caslano, Switzerland

MapAlright, here goes an update! Switzerland was very cool! It was amazing to think that it took the same time to reach another country that it does to get from Libertyville to Union Station. Lugano was a very neat city nestled in the Alps although it was unique for many reasons. Our hostel and most of the country had palm trees all over the place! It was quite bizarre to me but whatever works I guess. The food was extremely expensive...I starved myself through a few meals to save money but it worked out fine! We took a train to Bellinzona to hike up to some castles on the side of a mountain, which was really cool! We were able to get some really neat views of Switzerland and exercise and work off all the carbs we have been consuming over the past few weeks. At night, we met some Virginia Tech students staying at our hostel and went out with a big group of around 50-60 was a lot of fun! The next day we hit up a Swiss chocolate factory, which was great because they had free samples!! We hit up the sample line quite a few one was guarding that stuff...BAD move when you have hungry college kids hahaha...but I also bought myself some chocolate covered raisins so I didn't feel too guilty.

This week we register for classes and get back to the realities of academia. I am ready to get back into the work mode though and get into a normal pattern once again. It will be fun to branch out and meet new people in our classes. Tomorrow night should be fun because I got free tickets to "La Scala" otherwise known as the famous opera house in Milan so that will be neat to experience!! Today was my first lazy day where I just caught up on everything and relaxed. I treated myself to some chocolate waffles at the Nutelleria (thats right...a place dedicated to making food with nutella) ...its fantastic. Now, my stomach is perfectly content and I am organized for the week. If only I could find a gym to help me feel better about the calories that I keep consuming... LOL