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Sean Somers’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 Jan 2010

Location: Milan, Italy

MapWord to the wise: People in Italy and Europe in general don't run for exercise. This probably doesn't come as a big shock since they mostly smoke all day but here is where the dilemna occurs. If someone in Europe is running it usually means that they are pickpocketing you...which is why I had several people scream at me while I was running on the street...anyways...I found that entertaining. This weekend we will have a strange phenomenon occurring in Milan...Sunday there will be no cars on any roadways...they have done it because they are trying to cut back on pollution so they do this every once in awhile to bring down the CO2 levels! It will be nice to cross the street without being mowed down by a vespa or Alfa Romeo. (The drivers here are crazy!)

The past week I really have just taken to exploring different parts of the city...I mean it is huge!! I just got off at different metro stops and wandered around and of my favorite places I discovered was the "I Navigli" or the canals in english. It kind of looks like Amsterdam with the buildings lining both sides of the canal and there was an amazing "aperativo" place calle Spritz there. What is Aperativo you may ask?!?!? Only the most amazing thing about Italy. Aperativo is kind of like a happy hour during the dinner hours around 5-10 at night (17:00-22:00 european time...the 24 hour clock throws me off still lol) ...but you get access to a buffet of amazing food (all you can eat) and one free drink for around 7 or 8 euros depending on the place. It's awesome! Americans know how to do the all you can eat...I think we may be the only people in the place that go back for seconds or third and fourth, gnocchi, bruschetta, and much more followed by NUTELLA pizza for dessert...SO GOOD! O but lets get one thing straight...that one free drink is SO strong that you almost need a chaser to down the free drink...I think they translate a splash of coke for a long island into three drops of coke...aie yie yie!

Well I will end it here for now...this weekend my good friend Kelly and I along with all her roommates are going to Barcelona (or Bar-th-lona...we have been talking in lisps all week in preparation). I'm ready for some paella, tapas, and churros :)