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Sean Somers’s Travel Diary

Monday, 01 Feb 2010

Location: Barcelona, Spain

MapBarcelona=AWESOME...we got there on friday afternoon and made it to our hostel (the mediterranean youth hostel), which was very modern and fun. The staff was great in giving us great ideas for things to do and places to eat. We were provided with a map with all the things to see and then went to the subway and explored. We saw the Spanish version of the Arc de Triomf (as it is spelled in barcelona) ...we learned that Barcelona at one point could have had the eiffel tower there but they thought it was ugly and refused but they built the arc de triomf which France eventually copied...and the irony of it all is that France gets all the glory for both monuments...poor Barcelona :( haha...whatever they have the amazing beaches on the Mediterannean. We ate dinner in this market place and had a fresh fruit smoothie and this paella rice dish...both were delicious! We checked out this club Razmatazz that night...several people tried to socialize with us but I had to resort to hand gestures since I only knew like 5 words in spanish...they gave up on us real fast lol

After resting up...we went all over Barcelona and saw all the touristy Sagrada Familia, which is a church that is still being constructed after 200 years of being a work in progress...its suppose to be done this year...we will see if that actually happens or not! Our next stop was recommended to me by the airport security guy...all he said to me when after I went through the sensors was, "This first time in Barcelona?" I was like SI! and he replied, "Olympic Village, go there." ...and so we did and it was my favorite place that we visited! It was right on the Mediterannean Sea so we walked up the boardwalk and didn't even need a coat...I was thrilled! Milan has been a bit chilly so we embraced the warmer weather. (60 degrees in January) ...thats what I'm talking about!

Next, our group traveled to La Rambla, the famous street in Barcelona with many nice shops and hotels...along with an awesome marketplace with fresh everything from fruit to fish to chocolate...we just walked through with our mouths to the ground and I tried a bright pink dragonfruit juice drink for a euro. It was very refreshing! It was amazing how much walking we did through this city. We got our nutrients where we could!

Our last few stops were the Pablo Picasso museum, which was really neat to walk through and then to see the Gaudi buildings in the gothic district. His building designs were crazy using many different curves in the structure of the outer was very cool to see! And then...thats when we saw it...a familiar that we hadn't seen in a few weeks but close to our hearts...the legendary starbucks green circle! AHHHHH! ok don't get me wrong I love italian coffee but they give you a glass that is about as tall as your that is going to suffice for us Americans...come on we are from the country that supersizes everything! favorite thing about the European starbucks though was the fact that they couldn't pronounce my name to save their lives. In Europe, Sean becomes an exotic name apparently. I was called John in hopes that I wouldn't a scene of a movie...and then the last guy who gave me my drink called me Shay-wan...I was entertained.

We went back to our hostel and my friend Kelly and I went back to what we called our "honeymoon suite." We had gotten a private room for just the two of us for 16 euros a night each. We got our own bathroom and everything and out stuff was locked up securely...we couldn't stop laughing when we saw there was one big queen bed...with what color bedspread you ask? The color that seems to keep appearing throughout my time in Europe...lime green. It was a comfy bed though and the shower had hot water...we couldn't complain.

After resting up in the hostel...we went to this amazing place for dinner...Bo de B...they had the best 3 euro sandwiches and potato wedges and salads and green tea...I may have eaten the girls leftovers :) It was awesome! Then a friend of mine in Barcelona recommended we go to this bar Esprit Cupitos...probably the coolest place ever. In this bar, they have over 200 themed shots that you can take. For example, our group did the Boy Scout shot. They pour the shot, which was delicious may I say (tequila and lime juice)...light it on fire and give you a marshmellow to roast over the fire...then you dunk the marshmellow in the shot, eat it, and then drink the was AWESOME. Then we did the Harry Potter shot...which also included fire and carmelized was also yummy...I had to do the Ferrari shot...I am a car fanatic...which entailed me drinking my shot that was on fire through a straw...kind of scary but cool. The last one we tried was the Willy Wonka shot which was baileys and cream with whipped cream and candy sprinkles...O and of course it too was lit on fire. Ha! Don't worry...we were very responsible with our drinking ;)

Next, a few of my friends went out to this ice bar right on the beach. That's right! a bar completely made of ice...they provided parkas and gloves for us...we looked ridiculous but we loved it! This guy on the beach got us free drinks cuz we said we were from America and that it was our last night in Barcelona...YESSSS. Overall, amazing night!

After only 3 hours of sleep that night, we got up early to venture up to MontJuic...a mountain that overlooks the whole city of Barcelona. It was beautiful...we hit it when the sun was rising and it could not have worked out better. It was a great ending to our trip...I can't wait to go back...spring break anyone?! LOL

Overall, we are kind of jealous of the people studying abroad in Barcelona...we tried to transfer programs...haha only kidding...but we kind of envy their warmer weather. We still have better pizza, pasta, gelato and coffee in Milan, beat that barcelona! :p

It was an awesome trip, and not I am going to catch up the sleep I did not get this weekend, but what can I say...sleep is overrated. hahaha