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Sean Somers’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 18 Feb 2010

Location: Milan, Italy

MapI just had to put this in the blog because it was one of the most awkward moments of my yesterday I was working at my internship and everything was going well...I helped translate a press release for a new exhibit that opened today and then got a fantastic lunch (pesto pasta with mussels, pinot nero wine, creme brulee with strawberries, champagne, good!)...I got to meet the artist (who kind of looked like Voldemort from Harry Potter...but he was very nice)...and then it happened...

Ok sorry for being my boss (Matteo) asks me if I would like to act as a translator for a radio interview with this artist. The artist's name by the way is Allen Jones and he is a british pop artist. Since he speaks english and not italian...and Matteo thinks that I have the skills to translate the answers in the interview into italian...WRONG. I tell him that I do not know that much italian and that this isn't a good idea but he assures me that it only has to be simple sentences and that I will be fine...oie vey.

So I'm on the computer looking up italian art vocabulary and cramming for this freaking interview, which will be broadcasted LIVE to ALL OF ITALY...not just no...its national radio! AHHHH...helllllp...

The dreaded moment finally arrives...and at first it's going fine...the questions are simple, the answers short and easy to translate...and then the big questions hit. After listening to a minute and a half response in is my turn to translate it into italian...I think I may have talked in broken italian for 20 was terrible! (but kind of hilarious) ...I left laughing...I mean you have isn't my fault...I warned him! O was an experience and I gave the whole country of Italy a good laugh...they probably chuckle to themselves at the dinner table...did you hear Sean the translator...yea that was how I was introduced ps...and we have Sean the translator here to help us...aie yie yie...glad that's over!