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Sean Somers’s Travel Diary

Monday, 01 Mar 2010

Location: Milan/Mazzin, Italy

MapSo this past week was Women's fashion of the biggest events in Milan...and we got to go for class! The first show we got to see was Elena Miro, who had some really neat looking stuff! There was some italian celebrity who came into the show because the paparazzi were all over that was cool! It was this designer's 25th anniversary collection so when the show was over...we exited and were greeted by waiters who passed out champagne and skewered shrimp! It was AWESOME...we may have gone back for multiple glasses...hey we take advantage of what is free LOL...We continued to see a few more shows and then it happened...I was discovered...ok not really but it was still flattering because I was asked to have my picture taken by a photographer! Ok...I was like the 50th random person she took a picture of but it still made my day haha! It was extremely awkward too because she just wanted to take candid shots of me sipping champagne and I think my face was making weird expressions...o well ;)

After seeing a few more shows and trying to snoop around and find celebrities...we failed :( ...supposedly Anna Wintour and Chase Crawford were there...ugh...we tried haha. Supposedly Anna Wintour created a scandal by not staying for the entire week so all the top designers were scrambling to get their shows in while she was present HA! DRAMA

After an easy week of class (many were was great) we got to do a weekend of skiing in the Alps! We went to Mazzin...a city in northeastern Italy (close to the Austrian border)...again the weather could not have been greater! My friend and I went exploring all over the mountains and then took a hot chocolate break at this outdoor bar and sat in deck chairs with fake fur covers and fell asleep in the sun for an hour...I came out a bit pink was nice to breathe some fresh mountain air after the somewhat polluted air of Milan...but it was nice to go back to warm weather! It's getting close to 60 degrees and its only the beginning of March...I will take it!

Overall, it is hard to believe almost 2 months have passed here! Time flies when you are having fun...people back at IU are taking midterms this week and spring break starts for some of my friends this weekend! YIKES!

Well this weekend will be fun because it is my 21st bday...AHHHH...(which means absolutely nothing here since you can drink at 18 hahaha)...but some friends are flying here to celebrate with me so that will make it fun! :))) Well back to finishing some pics have been posted!