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Sean Somers’s Travel Diary

Monday, 08 Mar 2010

Location: Florence, Pisa, and Milan, Italy

MapI'm 21!!! What a crazy weekend! I still am recovering but it was so worth it lol. Two of my good friends from school (Catie and Ashley) flew in from London to celebrate with me! Of course, we had to overcome a few obstacles like trying to find them without any cell phone communication...yea NO BIG DEAL...UGH. Haha I promise it worked out (it always does) but it was a little scary for awhile. Basically after searching for them around our meeting point for 2 hours since our stupid european cell phones would not allow us to connect (their flight ended up being late but I couldn't find that info out) so I used a friend's computer and went on skype and luckily they told one of their friends to add me so that they could communicate where they we found each other!! relieving...

After having lunch at my favorite pizzeria, we jumped on a train to Florence (or Firenze in Italian). We got there and after settling into our hostel, went out and walked the city. It really is beautiful! We went to all the main sights and then we went to this restaurant that my friend recommended Dante's. Needless to say, it was an interesting experience! When we got seated, we noticed that we were put next to these routy italian guys (probably around 23-25 years old) who were already drunk off who knows how many bottles of wine. Well after awhile, the one guy Mauricio and his other friend saw that I was with two American girls and that was it...we instantly became best friends.
They got us some wine and then kept toasting to everything that I kept telling them (ps I got to practice my italian haha)...I told them I was from Chicago...and they would scream CHICAGO!!!! and then toast all of us! ...then I said it was my birthday...BIRTHDAY!!!! and then I told them the girls were single and that got them really happy LOL...o did I mention I got free limoncello for my bday too! :))) love that stuff! ...after we said goodbye to the italians after about 25 goodbyes...we went on to a club "twice" which ended up being a lot of fun!! Met some other funny italians who would scream Happy Birthday everytime I danced past it was quite hilarious!

The next morning we got up and saw all the touristy things in the daytime like the duomo, the ponte vecchio, and David. I couldn't have asked for a nicer day to be walking was like mid 50's and sunny with not a cloud in the sky...gorgeous weather...but when have I ever had bad weather on this trip? (I feel like I'm going to be cursed with bad weather soon) lol...

After seeing Florence, we took a train ride to Pisa, which was a really neat little city. We walked to the leaning tower of Pisa and took tons of touristy photos that was fun! The weather was gorgeous to just walk around, which was good because after all I consumed...I needed to walk it off!

That night we trained back to Milan and met up with my friends from my program at this restaurant Nisida, which just opened and is really yummy! We got so much free apple vodka and licorice vodka, which was kind of gross but I had already had wine with dinner so I could have cared at this then they brought me this italian birthday cake, which consisted of a bunch of churro type things with nutella all over the was AWESOME! (did I mention that the chef sang happy birthday to me and he actually was really talented...he even did the whole like Mariah Carey thing where she goes like through a scale of notes...everyone was impressed) O and I got a balloon flower LOL. We all went out after to a club to conclude my bday so overall it was really fun! Three cities in one day! Breakfast in Florence, lunch in Pisa, and dinner in Milan...and with some fantastic company...

Sunday and today have been recovery days...we did a lil sightseeing to show Ashley and Catie the sights and then I've been in a coma ever since...I feel good to go though now! :)))