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Sean Somers’s Travel Diary

Monday, 15 Mar 2010

Location: Dublin, Galway, Cork, Ireland

MapSorry for the delay in updating my blog but the past two weeks have consisted of me studying for midterms...Yes I know...although you may not believe it, I am here to take classes...haha...but now having that over with...back to fun! My last weekend adventure was a huge reunion of people from my business fraternity back at school. A bunch of us are studying abroad in Spain, the U.K, the Netherlands, Italy, etc. so it was fun to all meet up in Dublin just in time for the start of St. Patrick's day festivities!! Let me tell was CRAZZZZY...lets start with the plane ride to Ireland. Sooo this was my first Ryanair experience, which is one of the popular low cost airlines in Europe and it was quite interesting. First, there were a bunch of drunk Italians on our plane with huge leprechaun (did I spell that right?) hats on and they were chanting and clapping the entire plane ride...especially after the was as if the cubs won the world series or something hahaha...but after getting settled, I got to go out with the AKPsi group and catch up. On Saturday, we went exploring around Dublin and took a free tour to all the main sights. It reminded me a lot of London, which makes sense since it controlled Ireland for so many years...geez the Irish have a real sad history...we got to hear all about it. There was also the Guiness tour, which if you like beer you would have enjoyed it immensely. At night, we decided to go to a kareoke bar, which turned out being a lot of fun! My friend Courtney decided it would be funny to secretly put my name in to sing and not tell me until I was about to go up on stage. So I start freaking out a bit, so I went and got a shot of vodka and then went up and sang My Humps by Black Eyed Peas...o and if you didn't know, I did not choose this song....thank you, I just wanted to make that clear hahaha...SO at the end of the song to help make up for my awful singing, I did a backflip on stage! Turns out it was a good thing I did do that because I won second place for the night and won myself and my friends free beer! that made my weekend!

Back at the hostel we met some really funny guys from Wales...they were hilarious!! When we got back after kareoke, they were passed out, one was on floor underneath a blanket...I didn't even realize he was there until the blanket started moving and then Michael was falling out of his bed so I helped move him into a more comfortable position...they were all kind of hammered but they were entertaining at least LOL

On Sunday, Courtney and I decided that we wanted to see the Cliffs of Moher, which is what Ireland is known for so we rented a car...yes we can rent a car in Europe at 21! So that made my bday a little more meaningful on this continent haha. The only thing I forgot was that Ireland drives on the other side of the road like the U.K. Waaaa....waaaaaaaaaaa. So that was a bit interesting at first but we survived so thats good! The ride across Ireland only took like 3 hours and it was well worth the trip. The cliffs were beautiful and the sun was shining so it was a perfect time to see them! After walking along the coast for a few hours we drove down to Cork, Ireland, which is a very cool little town with colored buildings near the south of the country. After eating dinner there, we walked around a bit and then headed back to conclude our adventure. Overall a very entertaining trip with some very interesting acquaintances along the way hahaha...