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Simon’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 06 Apr 2010

Location: Peru


Sorry for lack of updates, i´m sure you are all desperate to hear what I have been getting up to... i´ll start from where I left off last time.

We ended up staying in Arequipa for about 6 days because Nellie got really ill. She had been ill for a while on and off but it kept coming back so she called out a doctor and went for tests etc. Turned out she had some kind of bacteria in her stomach and also a kidney infeoction. Anyway we chilled out for a bit which was cool, had a big night out in a local bar with just the boys which was fun, then we all went on a 2 day trek down and up the Colca canyon (depending on who you´re talking to it could be the deepest canyon in the world). It was a punishing 1,100 metre descent, followed by a night in an ´oasis´ at the bottom, followed by an early start to climb back up the following day. It was intense and unpleasant but I´m glad we did it because we had the Inca Trail trek last Friday... more on that shortly.

Anyway that was about it for Arequipa. From there we went straight to Cusco, arriving on Nath´s birthday on the 30th. That night we hit an Irish pub and got hammered (Nath was sick the first time at about 10pm) then went to a club afterwards. It was a good night, not that Nath remembers! Cusco is a really nice little town but heavily geared towards tourists. There are some nice churches etc from when the Spanish came in and destroyed everything and built whatever they wanted instead (about 500 years ago).

On Friday we were scheduled to start the Inca Trail, but we had heard so much from other travellers about how it was still a mess and we wouldn´t be able to do the trek etc... it officially reopened on the first of April but there was a lot of speculation that it wouldn´t happen. Turned out to be tosh and it was fine. We were the second group of travellers to use the trail this season which was great! I´m pressed for time here so will do another update today / tomorrow about the trail itself. Will also put loads of pictures up.