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Simon’s Travel Diary

Monday, 26 Apr 2010

Location: Ecuador


Last update! Just added 88 pictures (starting with La Paz), check them out. Sorry for not doing it earlier...

So day five on Galapagos involved visiting the tortoise breeding centre and the ´wall of tears´. The breeding centres are cool but not as good as the normal Galapagos experience because the animals are in captivity. They´re doing a good job repopulating species killed primarily by humans though.

The wall of tears is a huge wall built for no reason other than to keep the convicts busy. They left them to die basically, no food or water just a wall to build. The convicts learnt to hunt for their food and two even escaped (one of whom still lives on the islands!).

On day six we had our third snorkel trip, had a trek to a massive lava tunnel (caused when the top layer of a lava flow meets the comparitively cold air and solidifies, while meanwhile underneath the lava continues to flow) and travelled to Isla Santa Cruz. I´m keeping it brief for the last few days because although it was great we largely saw more things we had already seen!

Day seven we visited the Charles Darwin research station, where we saw Lonesome George, a massive tortoise they are trying to breed to avoid his species becoming extinct (he is the last). We also had a fourth and final snorkel trip, a trip to Tortuga Bay (probably the nicest beach I have ever been on) and a group dinner which was nice.

Day eight we came home and started to go our separate ways... I am now in Quito killing time until my flight tomorrow. Just want to get home now but have a 13 hour flight to Madrid followed by a 2 hour flight to london. With stopover and time difference it ends up being a 23 hour journey arriving in London Weds evening.

That´s it, hope you enjoyed the blog and see you all soon...