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Lucy’s Travel Diary

Monday, 08 Mar 2010

Location: London, England

MapSooo last night Hunter left for home! Was very sad..
We had an amazing time in Ireland - would love to do it again in 30 years just to see what's changed!

We spent the last 4 days in London hanging out with Edwina and Tariq and just exploring London! Went to see Sister Act the musical which was great!

I am moving in with Ed in Islington as her flatmate is moving out sometime soon with some friends so that was lucky and good timing really.

Tomorrow Ed, one of her friends and I are taking a trip to Oxford! I'm looking forward to that.

Wednesday is job day so hopefully by next week I'll be working and keeping busy.

I'm overwhelmed at how much there is to do in London and how many people are here - it's crazy!!

That's all for now...
Love to all!