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Lucy’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 05 May 2010

Location: UK

MapI\'m back!

I\'ve been working for about a month now! That went VERY quickly. I can\\\'t believe it\'s May already.

My job is very different to what I\'m used to but it\'s good experience for me and I\\\\\\\'m glad to be amongst the British culture! I\\\'m the only Aussie so it\'s a bit of a novelty for them and me. They love Tim Tams and laugh at how much tea they drink!

I\\\'ve been exploring the many markets of London, Portobello, Spitafields and Borough Markets so far. I love market shopping so much!

Marg & Jeff were over here for a week in London which was great seeing them. They stayed with Ed & I in our apartment. I got to see a bit more of London while they were here. They are now with Ed in Rome for a week!!

Lee and Richard (Hunter\'s parents) have just passed through London too, they were in London for only three days after being in Europe for a month or more. On the Friday night, Sar (Hunt\'s cousin) and I took a train to Colchester where we met Lee & Richard and Bill & Naz (Hunter\'s aunty and uncle) they live in Colchester. We then drove to Southwold where they have a holiday house on the coast. Was great fun, we went bike riding, played cards (I learned a new card game called \'Oh Hell\'\' and relaxed. We came back to London on Sunday. Sunday night we had dinner at Lee & Richard\\\'s apartment with Tariq (Sar\\\\\\\'s brother in law to be), Sar, Lee & Richard and Hamish (Georgie Steele\\\\\\\'s brother) his girlfriend, Fleur (sooo confusing to the outside eye!). On Monday - public holiday, I went and met Lee and Richard at Harrods for the day - was lots of fun. I had never been there before so was a new experience!

So I have REALLY enjoyed having family over here visiting! It\\\'s quite amazing really, I have come at the best time, everyone seems to be travelling this year!

Have been seeing Alexis, Braden, Euan and Hugh for dinner every now and then. Alexis and I saw Legally Blonde the musical the other night which was great fun!

Lex & I have just booked a trip to Amsterdam on the last weekend in May, which is a long weekend. We are both looking forward to that. I have been there before but I LOVED it and really want to go again and I\\\'m sure Lex will love it too.

THEN I meet Andrew and Dadda in Rome to go to Tuscany on 13 June!! THEN I meet Rach in Athens on 1 July to do our Tour of Eastern Europe - very excited for that!! NEW COUNTRIES to explore!

Unfortunately we have lost one of our travel buddies on our tour of Europe. Coles isn\'t able to come anymore due to work committments. SAD! Hoping she will come over at another time while I\'m still here.

I\\\'m not very well at the moment actually, I\'ve got a cold and had today off work - my first sick day, was hoping to have none but what can you do!

I have discovered, thanks to Tariq that I quite enjoy playing badminton!!! I\\\'ve only played once but I\\\'m hoping to play a bit more now.

All aside, I\'m really starting to enjoy myself here in London, very glad I came over. I obviously miss my Huntly very much but we\'ll be together again in no time, if the time goes as quickly as it has gone already!

Lots of love to you all - to the ones who actually still read this! THANKS for checking on me xxxx

Until next time....