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Mrs McRae’s Travel Diary

Friday, 05 Mar 2010

Location: GUANAJUTO, Mexico


I fell in love with this city the minute we pulled into the autobus station. I was finding it hard to imagine from David Stone’s description of a village in a crater. With a story and setting so extraordinary, I knew this city was going to be exceptional and I was definitely not disappointed.

Sitting on a park bench in GTO, you could easily feel like an exchange student in Europe. Everything here is beautiful. To explain it is like trying to describe a Van Goth painting-you just have to see it and immerse yourself in it to appreciate it’s thousands of hidden treasures. The layers of this city are like an acrylic painting with each multi-colored stone house like a thick brush stroke. They look like Lego pieces. Rows upon rows of Lego, yet none of them touching and each of them continuing to reach the highest peaks of this boat-like shaped city. Whilst exploring, you can feel like you are in a game of snakes and ladders, every hundred feet there are alley ways leading up a steep stair way or twisted steps going down onto another street level of café’s and restaurants. There are elegant public parks with clay fountains and black painted steel benches. Here you can people watch all day, and as the churches chime the city can go from still and tranquil to young at heart, and filled with youth within minutes. A handful of schools scattered on different layers of town, whose gates must open at the same time and release the children that run to the nearest park like they were following the pyde pipers whistle. If you are lucky you may even get a couple of confident lads asking you where you are from, shuffling their feet together in nervousness and keeping at a safe distance,almost expecting you to lash out and start a chase. The children here seem to have a unified joy and true appreciation.

Night times are buzzing with laughter and fun; couples enjoying dinner outside and teenagers gathering around cafés and ice cream parlors. I left wishing more people could have flash backs of this stunning part of Mexico. I wonder what would change if spring breakers came here instead of the tequila downing, wet t shirt contest, Senior Frog infested American made beach towns. What does the latter do for the impression of both countries? The people and their city is admirable and I felt honored to have been there.

Some thing we found out in Mexico City, whilst sharing beers with some new found friend, was that GTO is actually known for their “mummies”. We were shocked we missed them, not to mention that Lonely Planet and the information booths around town apparently forgot as well. To our surprise, this is their main attraction to the city. So if you wish, make sure you ask about the “mummies”.

I have saved my recommendations for my photo page, so that you can see what I’m commenting on.