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Mrs McRae’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 06 Mar 2010

Location: Mexico City, Mexico


I knew nothing of what to expect from this gigantic, smog filled, dangerous, over crowded and rambunctious city except what people had warned us of. Thank goodness we didn’t go off of the US media because we would have been seen as crazy to even enter the place. But this tall, slim, blonde, blue eyed, pale as a ghost, non Spanish speaking ‘Gringo’ felt as safe, if not more here than in NY, and London as well. Yes you get some stares, some whistles and some comments (that I don’t understand anyway) but what do I expect when I’m walking around the world’s largest city with the least amount of diversity, not to mention I have an absolutely gorgeous wife that I would expect to turn heads anywhere in this world (blush). Our dear friend Cori was the one who with a twinkle in her eye said “but you have to go to Mexico City,” and I’m sure glad we did.

There is no doubt that you are in a big city, with the smog, heavy traffic and the crowds of people. Having been desensitized a bit of city smells, my senses were a bit heightened, so whenever a whiff of garbage or potent unknown odor passed by my nostrils my face scrawled with disgust as the content in my stomach churned. So it is while in a big city!

Exploring the city we found ourselves heading into “Zona Rosa”, a fairly mixed crowd during the day that turns into the “pink zone” at night. The style in this zone is funky and original with the twenty something’s rocking asymmetrical, abstract haircuts with highlights of electric blue and purple. It felt like they were with the “cool” outcasts, the trend setters. These style idols gathered in packs at the back of stylish hair salons, dancing to the basing house music and conversating while they waited for their new client. Bricker Salon caught our attentions as we walked by, with our familiar Redkin product displayed in the window and a baby faced, red headed dyke at the door sporting a cute Mohawk stood out front. We were intrigued by the cool gang in the back and before she could say English speaking stylist, we were already in the door. I wish I’d had more hair to work with; if only I hadn’t got it all cut off in PV. I was like a kid in a candy store as I looked at the handful of over styled young assistants leaning against the back wall like girls in a Russian brothel waiting to be picked; only these girls were selling style and creativity. This would be my kind of work place 10 years ago (god how old could I feel).

As Jorge chopped and snipped at Mary’s hair she got the low down on the gay scene in MC. He told us the lesbian hang outs including “Pussy Bar” and “Lip Stick”, both in the Pink Zone and “Pride” and “Living” in the downtown area. As I heard more, I was getting thrills thinking of our night out on the town in MC, jumping up and down chapping my hands with excitement. Jorge broke it to us that the girls nights are best on Tuesday and Thursday; Friday and Saturday are guys nights. Shit, I’ve been to enough guy “go-go” bars to last me a lifetime, how am I in the largest city in the world and the lesbians don’t even party on the freakin’ weekends?

Side note: There is so much love, lust and physical contact in MC. Not like NY where people look at you like they’d rather shoot themselves in the eye with a nail gun than have to share a subway seat with you. Here, there are people hugging and embracing, kissing, even holding hands. From teenagers on benches locking lips to mum and pup passionately making out in the subway station, so intensely it was making me blush.

I love seeing a city on a Sunday and I have come to adore Sundays in Mexico, especially. I was shocked with the tranquility of the streets-the stores were closed and you could walk blocks without passing a single person. Let me remind you that this is a city of 32 million people and the streets are deserted; it can get a little freaky, like Independence Day in NYC. As it got later into the afternoon however, people started to emerge.

Monday morning came and it felt more like dawn that 8am. Today we were off to see the pyramids and ruins of MX. Only just over an hour’s bus ride into the desert where you are dropped off, and pointed down a dusty vendor-lined-road where you pay about $4 a person to get in. I’m not going to indulge too much with commentary here, as the photos will speak for me. But to anyone who goes to MX, these ruins are a must see.

To save some trouble and space I have included my recommendations to the “comments” under each photo.