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Ruffs’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Location: Airlie Beach, Queensland, Australia

MapSo here it is, the blog you've all so desperately been waiting for ... or alternatively been hoping I wouldn't bore you with! Where to begin, where to begin?! At the beginning perhaps...

I met Laura on the plane from Singapore & we both checked into the same hostel in Cairns, called Giligan's (a.k.a. party central) with a bar, club, pool & 700 beds! We had to wait a while as we arrived so early so we went to pump ourselves full of caffeine in the form of large black coffees & look around the nearby mall. Needless to say we spent the afternoon in bed, followed by an evening meeting random on our balcony & dancing in the club downstairs. The following day brought very little other than a trip to the lagoon & another evening of boogying.

On our 3rd day in Australia we did the 'must do' & went on a day trip out to snorkell the Great Barrier Reef, which apart from severe sea sickness on the way out was a brilliant trip with a fun crew, (one who even did magic tricks for us!) great fish, beautiful weather, clear blue sea with a huge variety of fish & coral, fantastic tiny sand isalnds & sea turtles! I did a 10 minute scuba taster but realised very soon it wasn't for me (I wasn't a fan of the dry O2 being forced down my throat) so was very pleased it was free of charge!

After an early night I was recharged for day 4, a trip to the Atherton Tablelands & Waterfalls, which was also set to be brilliant. we had an amazingly informative guide names Sid or Coco who knew absolutely everything about the Cairns region, from flora & fauna to history & agriculture & random statistics & trivia. First stop was a Josephine Falls, a pretty impressive waterfall which was reached via a short rainforest walk, near Queensland's highest mountain of Bartle Frere. We had the opportunity to swim in the rapids but being the wimp I am it was too chilly for me. We were then taken to another waterfall to have lunch to the sound of gushing water, followed by a quick sto pat Millaa Millaa Falls, where Peter Anfre filmed his Mysterious Girl Video & the Timotei shampoo adverts are filmed. Next stop, the huge, ancient curtain fig tree, where I got my first sighting of some terrible, poisinous spiders, namely the black & golden Orbs (the females eat the males after mating). Unfortunately after this the rain came down with avengeance so our trips to Lake Eacham & to port Platypi/platypuses?!?!) were somewhat disappointing. When we returned to te hostel, Laura & I got ready at the speed of light for our toga Ultimate Party, which did not disappoint!

The next couple of days (& our last in Cairns) were pretty chilled out & ended on a high with free champagne for ladies' night (which I have now learned is a popular/regular thing all over Oz!) & very little sleep!