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KT & Nizzle’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 28 Feb 2010

Location: Korea (South)

MapHello friends! I never thought I would have a blog because I don't like writing. Six months in South Korea and I have caved, I will try this out as a more in-depth description of my adventures.

I will start with our most recent trip to Japan. February 13th we decided to leave Korea for our Lunar New Year holidays and travel to Japan. My boyfriend Nilan and friends Sabrina, Taylor, Jared and Jordan were with me for the adventure.

Trip description: (If you don't enjoy reading I won't be offended if you skip right to the pictures!)

Day 1 - Asakusa, Tokyo. In this area we were unable to find any nightlife entertainment but we were pleasantly surprised by the daytime tourist attractions. We found traditional lanterns, temples, pagodas and a never ending stretch of souvenirs! We took an overnight bus to Kyoto to save some money.

Day 2 & 3 - Gion, Kyoto. Kyoto is the former capital of Japan and is one of the major cities that avoided physical damage from the atomic bomb during WWII. As a result, Kyoto has many pre-war buildings with original architecture with important traditional significance. We visited a tea house, castle, sushi trains and a variety of temples. Back on the overnight bus!

Day 4 through 9 were spent exploring Tokyo from our home base in the Shinjuku area. Tokyo had a much different atmosphere than Kyoto. Everything was fast paced, the subway system was complex, and there were huge buildings complete with designer names and flashing lights. The pictures will better explain but we went to a Sumo museum, shopping in Shibuya, exploring Shinjuku, admired the fashion district of Harajuku, and checked out the nightlife in Rappongi and Shibuya. We met some Australians, Germans and Americans in our hostel and had a great time sharing stories and Japanese beer.

I absolutely loved Japan. The city was remarkably clean and the people were overly friendly and helpful. The biggest downfall is the expensive living it has to offer. We were over our budgets and ready to get back to cheap living in Korea!