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KT & Nizzle’s Travel Diary

Monday, 28 Jun 2010

Location: Korea (South)

MapWorld cup dreams for the South Korea Taeguk Warriors has ended. They were successful in advancing to the knock out round (16) but they were defeated by Uruguay 2-1. The Korean team out played Uruguay and were arguably the better team. However, it is the goals that count and Uruguay finished up by 1.

We gathered at Seoul city hall to watch the game with thousands of supporters. Watching the World Cup here in South Korea has been a wonderful experience. Koreans truly know how to support their country.

I was able to watch the games in number of different locations:
- South Korea vs. Greece - at Seoul City Plaza.
- South Korea vs. Argentina - at Munhak Stadium. In the city of Incheon they opened the stadium doors for all of the fans to watch on the big screens.
- South Korea vs. Nigeria was aired here in SK at 3:30am on a work night. So, I set my alarm and watched this one from my bed. I opened all of my windows and could here cheering from the local bars. The time difference did not stop the Korean supporters.

Most recently, Korea vs. Uruguay back at Seoul city hall. I became a true fan of the South Korean team. I went to every game with a crew of faithful wayguk supporters. We had a great time! The South Koreans had a good run and they have a promising future in soccer. It truly broke my heart when I saw how upset the Koreans were after the game. The were amazing supporters and they made this World Cup the most memorable one for me so far!

대한민국! Daehan-minguk!
(The Korean term for South Korea)
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