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Paulo’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Location: Blue mountains, Australia

Map19th-20th May

Hike- Victoria falls to Blackheath Station Via the Grose valley.

Early start, after catching a train to my starting point, I hiked 6K to the start of the walk. On the first day i passed victoria falls, victoria cascades and victoria lookout, all were stunning in their own right. The look out was a view from the top of the valley across the grand canyon style landscape. Truely amazing.
The cascades were amazing too, i too the time to take a wash in the water which was really nice but also extremely refreshing (It's winter in Oz now so the water is cool!)
My favourite part of day 1 was the top of the waterfalls. You could sit at the top of the falls and look over the edge which really made your stomach turn! i had my lunch stop there and sat in the sun, on the edge of a waterfall, looking across Grose Valley, eating peanut and jam sandwiches NOT getting pestered by birds! good times.
On the walk to the bottom of the waterfall, I encountered a snake, I was about to stand on the little fellow when i saw him, i jumped a mile. the snake (little jimmy i'll call him) was happy to just lie in the sun, on a rock, in the middle of the path. and there was no way past him. Whilst i was trying to negotiate my way round, All i could think of was the man at steve irwin zoosaying most incidents involving snake attacks occur because males provoke them... It's fair to say i was going no where near this guy as well over half the snakes in Oz are poisenous!
15 minutes later, when he decided to move, i made my way to the bottom of the falls. Again it was nice thhere and i had another litle wash in the falls. By then it was about 2 and i needed to press on to the campsite (It was ment to be a 3 day hike but i decided to do it in 2 days)
I passed the first campsite and pressed on to the second. however, by half 4 i was still 6 K away and I was only doing 2-3K's and hour as the paths were really rough often with trees lieing across and parts had fallen away in landslides, plus there was 400m incline 300 decline. Basically it was up and down alot or undulating as the internet described it... now when i first read the path undulates i didn't know what it ment, but from experience, i can now say that i know what undulate means, and it sucks.
Anyway, pitched my tent in the middle of no where by the creek which i washed in. I star gazed for a bit before going to bed. At night the temperatures were savagely cold, about 2-3degrees which compared to what im used to is freezing!
It was pretty cool being in the middle of nowhere, drinking and washing in chrystal clear creeks. it was the perfect remote camp out.

Next day i was up by 7 packed fed and washed by 8 and on the road for 8.15. i continued down the creek where I eventually got to campsite 2. There, therewas no electricity, running water, toilets, nothing. there i met 2 other hikers who were going to Govetts leap too so I joined up with them. It was a good days hike, we had lunch at the bottow of a huge waterfall, by them, my legs were knackered and my feet were sore. we were looking up this 350m high rock knowing we had to climb to the top of it with our rucksacks. After pasta, cookies and a cuppa, we headed up. It literally zigzagged up the side of the rock and 45 minutes later we were at Govett leaps lookout looking back across the valley. It was a great few days!
That night, i celebrated by having Pizza and chips (thats a real luxury for a backpacker) I claimed the double bed in the dorm too which was good.