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Paulo’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Location: Outback!, Australasia

MapMulga tour!

We set off at 6am, it was dark cold but I had a great trip to look forward to so it was good times!

Day 1- Kings Canyon

This place is amazing, it's a canyon as you can guesse. It was 26degrees which was hot to hikein. I cant imagine doing the hike in the heat of summer when temperatures can exceed 45degrees!

There was a swimming hole called the garden of Eden, it was in theCanyon and was not exposed to much sun light. As a result, it was freezing! It was soo nice though as I got so hot during the hike. That swim really was a great experience, i can't really put it into context how much fun it was. Swimming in a Canyon in the Outback!

On the hike, there was a part where we could put our heads over the ege of the cliff... that screwed with your head. Such a long drop!

We were in the car for over 7hours driving which sounds boring but we had a good group and we had some good tunes playing which men good times.

We collected firewood at one pointand me and this Brazilian guy Gus saw huge spider! we watched the sun set which was ok, over rated though. And that night we ended up driving down a sand track and stopped literally in the middle of nowhere! YThat was our camp ground! A patch of sand in the outback with noting around us for miles andmiles!

That night we drank beers around the fire and tried to play the didgeree doo. They are quality instruments (if you can play them!) Non of us other tha the tour guild could though unfortunatley!

We were all sataroud the fire, under the stars in the Outback. ican't explain what a great feeling that was!

That night we all slept in things called a Swag bag, it's basically a big waterproof sleeping bag where you can fit your own sleeping bag inside. We rolled these out onthe sand and slept under the stars they were really warm (surpisingly) and i had an ace night sleep. Falling asleep under the stars was literally one of themost amazing things ever!