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Paulo’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Location: Outback, Australasia

MapMulga tour Day 2!

Again, it was a 6am start. We were up, packed our swags and had breakfast in the dark. It was strange to watcht he moon set on the horizon! I had a cup of ea, sood on a sand dune and watched the sunrise wich was spectacualr.

From themiddle of nowhere we drove to the Olgas. Along the way, we saw wild camels, horses and wedgetail eagles (2nd largest wingspan in the world)

We hiked though the Olgas which is a massive ock outcrop which is in the middle of nowhere. the rocks where o big it's hard o get your head around why they are there. We used rocks and water to create tribal aboriginal body paints and grafittied outselves.

After the hike we had lunch... The flies in the outback are literally the most annoying thing ever. they just diveomb you and ry and drinkthe water from your eye and eat your food. it got soo bad I actually wanted them all to die in the most paifull way possible!

After that was the moment id been waiting for for over 6months now... ULuru!It was an incredible sight. we went to the Uluru cenre and learnt about some of the Aboriginal stories.My favourite beig LungKata, the snake that stole an Emu! they have a sorry book at the centre for people who steal rocks or sand from Uluru as it is so sacred it gives you badluck. Some of the letters where hard core. People sending the rock back appollogizing and saying they'd lost half there family from disease which occured straigh after they stole the rock!

We went for a walk around the rock which was cool, however by sunset, clouds had rolled in and it began to rain.

That night we had a fire again and ate rediculous amaounts of Spag bol.

That night i turned inearly as the previous early starts were getting to me. And that was the start of the end....
I was in my swag again on the desert floor, I was a little colder this time. And i clearly recall the need to pee at 2am... Just as I was thinking about Peeing it started to rain... It's ok, Swags are waterproof,i just made sure everthing seemed ok... after the first rain came there was a torrential downpour, it was savage. i was just lying in my Swag hoping I wouldn't drown!
When the rain stopped, i sat up in my swag and puddles that had formed on my gushed off, i unzipped my Swag to go pee only to find I hadn't origianlly done my swag up properly... My sleeping bag and shoes were soaked! For the rest of the 3 and a half hours I lay there cold and wet driftingin and out of conciousness! I'm going to class that as an experience and leave it a that!