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Fuguer’s Travel Diary

Friday, 12 Mar 2010

Location: Vancouver, Canada

MapI commence this blog with full knowledge both of my own hypocrisy and my own pretentiousness. I am pretentious for believing that my own words merit reading, and I am hypocritical for writing them when I have to this date refused to read the blogs of others. f--king deal with it.

My goal is to make this page interesting enough to read. I do not expect this to come immediately, nor do I expect any of you to have read even up to this line. But if you choose to do so, don't say I didn't warn you.

I left Calgary today with a feeling of relief for estranging myself from a city for which I hold nothing but contempt and a certain calmness towards my situation. I am certainly nervous but this feeling hides in the recesses of my psyche, acting more as a guerilla than a hero. God willing it will get itself a motorcycle and a bomber hat and join in on this little endeavour.

I arrived to the heart warming smile of my good friend Karina, who then proceeded to take me on an hour long adventure through the rain. Were it any other city I may have been a little bitter, but I associate Vancouver with rain, and truthfully as long as there is a pint and a warm meal at the end of the journey, I kind of enjoy rain.

We enjoyed some Carribean food with her manfriend Jamie (hope I spelled that right), which I thouroughly enjoyed, and then moved on to some Belgian beer, which tasted kind of like piss and apricots mixed together. I haven't given up on you Belgians yet, but you bastards better start bringing some quality to the table.