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Christmas Is.&Beyond’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 18 Oct 2011

Location: Beijing, China

MapWell after a very long flight we arrived in Beijing at 6.30 in the morning. This followed a looong layover at KL airport, where we wandered around for a couple of hours, found decent coffee in a french franchise coffee shop, checked out the Jungle
Walk then found we could check into the Airside hotel and have a shower, do some work and relax in a comfortable lounge chair!
Then at 12.30am we flew out and on o Beijing. Six hours of night flying, not the ideal, and very little sleep! Arriving in Beijing we were met by Simone and Tom and went back to their flat and then of=n to Breakfast at the German Bakery, followed by a recharging rest at their flat while Tom went off to work. Simone and I chatted for a few hours while MIchael snorred his way through a window seat nap (2hours)
Then on to our accommodation.
Our accommodation is in the ld part of the city, always our favoured part of a city to stay if possible.
It is in a the Hutong district and is a renovated Hutong courtyard house, situated down a side street and off an alleyway. It is so quiet and peaceful in here you would never believe you are in the middle of one of the largest cities in the world.
The courtyard is lovely the rooms small and quaint and we eat breakfast on the roof overlooking the old hutong rooves.