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Christmas Is.&Beyond’s Travel Diary

Friday, 21 Oct 2011

Location: USA

MapWell a few hectic days have passed and we have walked around a lot of Beijing. We have been to the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City, Houhai Lake, The Fragrant Hills where we went up the highest Chair lift I have ever been on, a bit scary although the view from the top is well worth it! We had to wait so long in the queue for the return trip it was dark on the way down, another interesting experience!
Beijing taxis are anther interesting experience, I think they all consider themselves members of some precision driving team.
We have drunk tea in a tea house, eaten copious amounts of food, and refused to take a rickshaw about 20 times! Even Michael is learning to say "Buyong xie xie"!
Today we went to the Drum & Bell Towers - we climbed so many stairs to look at the enormous Bell - how in earth they managed to get it up there I cannot even begin to imagine! The Drum Tower seemed to have even more stairs but the drumming was well worth the climb.
The weather for the first 4 days was great fine warm days, clear blue skies. The last couple of days have been fine but the smog has come back and the sky is dull and grey, with some days the sun a strange orange ball.
So far Beijing has been amazing and we are looking forward to lots more interesting experiences.