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johnmc’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 04 May 2011

Location: kapiti, New Zealand

MapWe cycled south from Auckland on the Sunday afternoon in light traffic following the Great South Road in a strong easterly wind and reached the Bombay hills for a steep climb over the razorback hill road being a back road not on the main highway and then decended down to Pokeno for a late lunch .It started to rain off and on so we set sail for Mercer but never found this town so we cycled on to Huntly covering 88km to find a motel for the night .After a hot bath to rest the tired legs we were ready to attack the Waikato the next day .

After heavy rain over night we set sail again for Cambridge and the on to Te Kuiti 130km on wet state highway one .5km down the road we attempted to cross some railway lines that ran diagonally across the main highway .John's front wheel slipped on the track and tumbled to the road grazing his leg elbow and shoulder and Neil went over the top of him dislocating his left shoulder .Both bike were damaged preventing further riding progress .The ambulance took us to Waikato Hospital were 5 hors later we were discharged .Corrie and Kath were called and cleaned up the bikes and helped with support at the hospital .

We decided to postpone the balance fo the journey for later in the year and proceeded to Te Kuiti for a stay at a B&B and then home on the Tuesday .Pity but that's cycling.Both Neil and John are recovering .We had a wonderful trip covering 560km being exatly half way to Wellington .