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johnmc’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 10 Aug 2014

Location: Metsimothlabe, Botswana

MapSaturday started with the joyful news that we have a new grandaughter, Pearl Eve, born to Rosemary & Brooke - our 9th gradchild born on the 9th! Thank God all are well.
The trip here from Pretoria was almost uneventful - just a slight Tiki Tour round one town where the road we wanted to take was now one way (not ours). The border formalities long but straightforward despite some stories we had been told of searches & confistications!! Very dry & dusty almost all the way & only spotted monkeys & a large bovine as yet unidentified by us in the game areas.
Fr Tony was here to greet us with a special afternoon tea along with Sr Paulina who showed us to our rooms in the now unused old library so we'll be camping there for the week. Part of it is also used by the Vietnamese priest, Fr John, who was a tailor & has set up a room to teach sewing skills as a means for some to support their families. He was quick to tell us how badly he needs some better quality materials to sew on the old Singers!

Mass today was something else lasting more than 2 1/2hours including an impromptu concert by their choir who had just won a national inter-parish singing competition apart from the amazing singing & participation throughout the Mass. We could see why. They also made much of our presence there & we met many locals. After Brunch, Mike & Veronica have gone to chat with some of the youth who gather on Sundays as the complex here is a bit like a community centre for the Parishioners.

Hope to get some photos on when John comes next time with the right connections. We are all well & I am still mentally pinching myself at times to make sure I am actually here in Africa.
Regards to all from us, Corrie