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johnmc’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 13 Aug 2014

MapWed 13th Aug
Yesterday we gave the school all the resources we had purchased. The teachers & children were very pleased & excited & immediately played with all the duplo-type blocks while other things were packed up & stored in the office to be used as required. This is the last week of the school term & teachers are busy doing reports {3-6yearolds!!} John & Mike also went with the driver picking up the children from the outlying areas, quite an experience. It is pretty basic around the Mission here but even more so in the rural areas. Everything is desperately dry & dusty, even by Botswana standards as they didn't get the June rain. Even in the town cattle, donkeys, goats & chickens roam freely so care is required when driving & as soon as we are off the main road around here it reverts to rutted dirt roads then tracks.
Last night we had a lovely dinner with relatives of Redmans who made us very welcome & gave us many insights to daily living here. Tonight we have been invited to have an evening meal at the convent of Sr Paulina in an outlying area. Shortly we will visit the hospice run by the sisters next door to the Mission here.
This is a pretty mundane account but hard to adequately describe in a few words the experience of actually being here. Tomorrow we have been invited for a cup of tea with one of the local parishioners so look forward to that. Each day is different & in the meantime we are managing our camping in the school hall & appreciating the home comforts we have.
Love to all at home. Will get John to put some photos from his Iphone later as the computer service is extremely slow here & worse at night!