Alicia’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 18 Aug 2010

Location: Kwa Mbili Game Lodge, South Africa

MapThis morning we got up at 6:30am for a bush walk. We headed down the road and took note of the many types of animal tracks we saw along the way. We saw giraffe, impala, snake, cheetah and even a male lion track. We stopped by a huge termite mound that was over 5000 years old. The termites were long dead in this particular mound as you could tell by all the holes in it. Animals will use the various holes in it for their young or to hide from predators. The smaller holes are usually home to snakes, spiders and scorpions while the larger ones are used by various cats and warthogs. We saw some impala and lots of birds on our walk, but not much else. It was just good to get out and get some exercise. After our walk we headed out to the blind to watch for animals. We saw a family of warthogs come to the water, the little piglets were so cute! We saw a family of some type of bird too with the little babies being so tiny they got hidden behind the lip of the pool, but then jumped up and into the water.

In the early afternoon some more guests arrived. Until then we had been the only people staying at the lodge. Four people arrived, a married couple from the Netherlands and two girls in their 20's from New York. It was the six of us for the afternoon drive. We saw the one and only crocodile sunning himself on the water's edge as well as a stork perched in a tree near the water. We didn't see much else on this drive apart from some more impala and Kudu, however we did find a nice spot to watch the sunset and have sundowners.

It was a nice change to have some people to eat dinner with. We had ostrich skewers for dinner, it was so tasty! After dinner our guide and another girl who works here joined us around the fire for drinks. We talked about our different animal experiences and how cold the weather gets back home. People were amazed by our stories about coyotes and bears and we were equally amazed by our guide's stories about his run ins with male lions. The other people were ending their South African adventure on safari so we got to hear their stories about the places they visited before ending their journey here. In mid-conversation a Genet (like a large house cat with a long thick raccoon like tail) came jumping into one of the trees around us. We all immediately grew silent and watched as the Genet jumped and walked down the tree trunk and then actually hopped up onto the table we had just finished eating dinner at. We watched as she sniffed around for any traces of food we left behind. She explored our area and found the dessert dishes. She knocked one the spoons in the bowls and it sent her fleeing away. Due to the good company and good conversation we ended up staying up later than usual, we knew it would be harder to get up at 6am again the next morning.