Alicia’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 21 Aug 2010

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

MapIt was so nice to sleep in! We slept till almost 8 and then took our time getting ready and grabbing some breakfast downstairs before we headed out to explore the city. We decided our first stop should be the beach, but we didn't stay there long since it was super windy and a bit chilly.

We decided to drive along the rest of the coastline and end at V&A Waterfront. We parked our car and headed into the mall. Next to the mall they had a huge African craft market so we wandered through it and picked up a few gifts and a beautiful painting on canvas. I could have easily filled a whole suitcase with all the amazing art, sculptures, candles and jewelry they had. They were able to roll up the canvas painting so we could transport it more easily. Our Frommer's guide told us about a great little brewery that hand brewed several types of beer so we went there for some lunch and to try some of their brews. I like most Madison/Wisconsin microbrews better. :) After lunch we went to the aquarium, we were probably the only people there who weren't toting around a 5 year old, but we still had lots of fun. We got to the huge shark/predator tank right at feeding time so we got a pretty cool show of the huge fish going crazy and snapping up bits of octopus. After the aquarium we got some gelato, which was totally amazing! Lastly, we picked up some groceries for a picnic lunch as we planned on hiking table mountain the next day.

For dinner we got reservations at this great Italian place. It was authentic Italian too with several courses, first pasta and then meat and vegetables and lots of really good wine mixed in and topped off with an espresso. The food was amazing and we both felt like we would need be rolled home like the blueberry girl in Willy Wonka.