Alicia’s Travel Diary

Monday, 23 Aug 2010

Location: Cape Town/Cape Point, South Africa

MapWe both woke up incredibly stiff from yesterday's hike. My remedy was to get a massage before we went out for the day, so that's what I did and it was wonderful. Mike and I got a couple's massage in Jamaica and he felt sort of 'meh' about them so he opted out this time. After breakfast and my massage we got all our stuff packed up and were ready to begin our drive to down to Cape Point and then on to Hermanus, which is our next destination. The drive down to Cape Point began by driving up Signal Hill for breathtaking views of Cape Town sprawled out beneath us. The weather was the best it's been so far, so we got clear sunny views of Lion's Head and Table Mountain. The drive then took us all along the coast line and through Chapman's Peak Drive which is a highlight due to the fact that the road hugs dramatic cliffs plunging into the water. Our books says that many international car commercials are shot on this road and I can see why. We pulled off at one of the many lookout points and snapped some photos of the beautiful cliffs and the bay.

Eventually we arrived at Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope. We parked the car and walked up the hill (painfully) to some of the many lookout towers on the Point. We could see and hear the waves crashing on the rocks below along with the seagulls cawing as they circled the cliffs. On our way out of the park we saw several families of baboons just hanging out on the side of the road. There was a mom grooming a little baby and another bunch of younger ones and babies that were crawling all over each other. A larger male walked right by the passenger window of the car. They certainly weren't shy and just sat there was we snapped pictures of them. We then started the drive back up the coast, this time on the eastern side. The first stop we made was near Simon's Town at Boulder Beach which houses a colony of penguins. They were just hanging out the beach and people were able to get surprisingly close to them, pretty sure they were used to people constantly gawking at them.

We went through many cute little ocean side towns and were surprisingly hard pressed to find a decent looking place to have lunch. In one town we were behind a car where a little girl was hanging halfway out the window in the backseat, Mike and I were appalled that her parents would let her hang out the car window. The situation got worse when we were behind them at a stoplight and the same little girl threw a piece of trash out the window. I contemplated the situation for a second then got out of the car, picked up the trash, threw it back into their car and said "Don't litter, and for Christ's sake make that girl put on a seatbelt!" The family just stared at me with surprised and slightly annoyed looks on their faces as I stormed back to our car. It wasn't the first time we were appalled by people's dangerous behavior. We have seen quite frequently kids running out into the highway to try to cross the street and narrowly avoiding the traffic that is whizzing by. When we were at the beach with the penguins a little girl was sticking her face towards the penguins and taunting them and laughing. I said to her "Yea, it will be really funny when that penguin pokes your eye out, then we'll all be laughing."

We continued along the coast towards Hermanus with sunset approaching. Sadly, the sun moved behind a big batch of clouds just in time to obscure the beautiful ocean sunset we had been anticipating. We found our guesthouse with little trouble for once and headed to dinner at one of the nearby restaurants. With dinner we had the most amazing bottle of Chardonnay. Every bottle of wine we have we look at the label to see if the vineyard that makes the wine will be near our wine country destination. I could probably fill another suitcase full of African wine.