Alicia’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 26 Aug 2010

Location: Stanford, South Africa

MapWe woke up to howling wind and a deeply overcast sky, not a pleasant morning. Most of what we had planned for the day involved being outside so we had to change our plans a bit. It ended up being a pretty relaxing day. We hung out in the lapa (sort of the main lodge) after breakfast and made use of the internet and then we read for most of the morning before heading out. We decided to visit some more of the wineries in the area and hopefully find some lunch as well. After a few tastings, one lady told us that there was a large wine cellar which carried all of the area's wines and offered shipping all over the world. This news came to us when we were wondering how we would get all of the wine we purchased and planned on purchasing home with us. We drove back to Hermanus which is where the wine village was and began perusing their aisles and picking out all of our favorite wines from the various vineyards we had visited. We talked with the man at the counter about how much wine we wanted and where we planned on sending it. He pulled out a little chart which showed, depending on your country and how many bottles, the shipping costs. At first glance it looked like a lot, but being in Rands it was hard for me to get a hold on exactly how expensive it was. I looked over at Mike, my human calculator, and after a few seconds he said "about 600" to which I replied "dollars?!?!?" I thought it would be fairly expensive, but I never thought the shipping would cost triple the price of all the wine we wanted to ship. We stood there for a second in shock, wondering how we were going to pull this off, then, the guy behind the counter pulled out a cardboard box filled with styrofoam and 6 neat little wine bottle shaped holes. Now here was a solution we could handle, paying to check an extra piece of 'luggage' on all our flights.

We grabbed some lunch and some gelato in Hermanus and then headed back to our lodge to relax for the afternoon and read some more. Another couple arrived in time for dinner, a super old couple from England. They are so delightfully and stereotypically British, I kept expecting the old woman to say things like 'cheerio' 'good show' and 'spot on'. They were here to see all the flowers blooming for the coming spring and told us how they have been coming to South Africa for years and spent quite a bit of time in Washington D.C. as well.