Alicia’s Travel Diary

Friday, 27 Aug 2010

Location: Stanford, South Africa

MapWe woke up to sunshine and almost no wind, a much nicer experience than the previous day. Today we would do all the activities we hoped for yesterday. After breakfast and a shower outside, yep the shower is outside, we headed off on a quad biking (4-wheeling/ATV) expedition. We drove around on the trails and got some great views of the lagoon, the mountains, and the first of the flowers starting to pop up out of the fynbos. At one point we stopped and hiked up a little ways to the highest point on the farm land we were staying on. We snapped some pictures and then I noticed a tick on Mike's shoulder. All of our pants were covered in ticks, ick! After a close inspection to de-tick our clothes we headed back down and went on our way.

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing before heading out on a beach excursion. We got into an open top Land Rover, similar to the ones we rode in on safari, and drove down the road and through some sand dunes until we hit the beach. We spent some time running up and down the beach, or at least I ran up and down the beach, Mike took pictures. They laid out chairs for the elderly couple, a blanket for us, and a table with snacks and drinks. We hung out on the blanket and enjoyed the beach and watched the beginning of the sunset. Sadly, our sunset was cut short when the clouds moved in and we headed back to the lodge.

We had a lovely conversation with the British couple and some of the staff before dinner and afterwards, took advantage of the internet for the last time before heading out in the morning, and then headed to bed.