Alicia’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 03 Mar 2019

Location: Santiago , Chile

MapAfter a thankfully uneventful flight we arrived in Santiago at 8:30am, we picked up our bags and caught a cab to our hotel where we promptly napped because I am completely incapable of sleeping on a plane. I’ve noticed so far that the places where we are staying speak English, but taxi drivers, shop owners and restaurant staff typically do not. We ventured out into the city and climbed Santa Lucia hill to give us a 360 degree view of the surrounding area with the Andes mountains providing a nice back drop far into the distance. The sight was home to the remnants of two old forts built in the 1800’s complete with canons and turrets. Throughout the day we explored some local parks and one of the hipper artsy neighborhoods called Lastarria. We treated ourselves to some gelato and headed up to the central market where our noses were assualted with the powerful smell of fish, oysters, and all sorts of seafood on display. We checked out some local craft makets as well as some...let’s call them street vendors. All along one major road the sidewalk was lined with blankets on the ground covered with everything from clothing, books, and sunglassses to RAM. Yep, like for your computer, just sitting out on a blanket on the street, seemed totally legit. It seemed like a bunch of tiny rummage sales, sketchy AF rummage sales.

We ate dinner at a pub in the Bellavista neighborhood where we got our first taste of the Chilean specialty, pisco sour, an alcoholic drink made with a white Brandy, called pisco, unique to Chile. It was tasty and I’ll be definitely be ordering it again!

Overall Santiago is quite the sensory overload, very colorful, lots of people and noise and then there were the smells. The alternating smells of urine and garbage made me glad we will only be here for one night! I look forward to getting out of city tomorrow and getting to explore the seemingly endless amounts of natural beauty this country has to offer.