Alicia’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 05 Mar 2019

Location: Pucon, Chile

MapAfter breakfast we put on our hiking gear, packed some snacks and water and set out to go to Huerquehue National Park. On the way we wanted to try to get a shot of the volcano and we were not disappointed. We drove for a few kilometers down a “road” and then had to get out and walk since we didn’t have a 4 wheel drive vehicle, despite the fact that I reserved one. We were treated to a mountain stream, a small waterfall, a wooden bridge, and eventually an opening that gave us a perfect view of the smoking volcano. There were signs that promised a “cascadas” (waterfall) in only 2 km more so we kept walking, mostly uphill and finally discovered the end of the road where the cascadas was just the name of the lodge at the end of road *sigh*.

Before entering the park we stopped once more at a local attraction called “Los ojos del Caburgua” which is an impossibly turquoise blue lagoon with two waterfalls.

Finally we made our to Huerquehue around mid afternoon and began our hike to a real “cascadas” this time through huge trees, lush forests and patches of bamboo. This was a pretty grueling hike, steeply uphill and muddy on a trail teeming with roots and rocks. The surroundings were gorgeous and kept enticing us to look up rather than at our feet to be sure we wouldn’t trip. The waterfall at the end was nice, but the beauty of nature all around us during the entire hike was what made it all worth it.

We ended the day with a grand total of about 13 miles hiked. Once back in Pucon we headed to a lovely little authentic Italian restaurant where we enjoyed some pasta, a bottle of a local Chilean wine and desert.

Back at our hotel, where the only TV available is Netflix, we realized that they have different shows available compared to the U.S., so we’re able to watch the new season of Star Trek Discovery, woot! (Yep I know, nerd alert, lol)