Alicia’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 06 Mar 2019

Location: Pucón, Chile

MapAt breakfast we ran into one of the very few English speaking tourists, so naturally we struck up a conversation and peppered her with questions. She was Canadian, but had lived in Santiago for several years and was back to visit some friends. Besides her we met a guy from Alaska and have spied a few brits and possibly a few other Europeans, but it seems a vast majority of the tourists are localish (either to Chile or South America). My Spanish is certainly being tested and I tend to figure out what someone said long after they expected a response, but overall people seem patient or they know a handful of English words, enough that between the two of us we can get what we need.

Today was overcast with the threat of rain, so we set out with our rain jackets to see some waterfalls. The first waterfall we saw was “Salto la china” and the second was “salto el león”. Each required a separate entry point and a short hike to the falls.

The first one had paths with canopies so close overhead we had to duck as we walked through, like natural little foliage tunnels. Each tunnel would lead off in a different direction then open up for different views of the falls. One path led me to climb some precarious logs while holding onto a rope for a higher vantage point. Mike didn’t go up that one, heh.

The second waterfall had an unassuming path, then suddenly the whole thing opened up to take in the surrounding view of the waterfall and green foliage covered cliffs. We couldn’t tell if it was raining or we were just feeling the spray from the waterfall as we got close. We descended some rocks at the bottom of the falls for Mike to take some pictures. Because of the weather we were the only ones there (though there were a few other people at the previous falls).

In the afternoon we walked around town and checked out all the little shops and the artist market full of locally made goods and tourist knick knacks. We had dinner at a restaurant called La Maga which boasted rave reviews of fire grilled steaks. We were not disappointed, the food was incredible as was the wine and Pisco.