Alicia’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 07 Mar 2019

Location: Pucón , Chile

MapThis morning the plan was to attempt a hike before heading out to some hot springs in the afternoon. Unfortunately the trail we wanted was closed, apparently due to some land dispute, so we opted to head straight to the Termas Los Pozones, we had heard that these hot springs were much cheaper and much less crowded than the hot springs you see advertised everywhere where they bring in buses of people and sometimes have to wait hours to get in, according to the reviews.

There were other people, but none of the pools were at all crowded and the price was over 1/3 less. There were at least 10 different pools of varying temperature and depth and they ran all along a picturesque river with rocky rapids. We soaked for hours, trying out the cooler pools when we got too hot. We were the only gringos there until the end when we saw another couple we guessed were German from their accent.

We took it easy the rest of the day until sunset when we ventured a drive up Villarica National Park to try to take advantage of the view since the clouds had broken up and we could had some clear skies. We drove for 45 minutes up a switchback gravel road, but the outstanding views of the lake, the volcano, and the surrounding area were well worth the time and effort! Eventually we made it back down for dinner at the appropriately Chilean time of 8:30.