Alicia’s Travel Diary

Friday, 08 Mar 2019

Location: Santa Cruz, Chile

MapWe ate an early breakfast and said a sad goodbye to Pucón before starting our drive north and heading out to Santa Cruz, located in the Colchagua valley, home of many of Chile’s best wines. We arrived at our hotel mid afternoon after being delayed due out the local harvest festival, copious amount of pedestrians that just walk out into the street and cars that drove mind numbingly slow on the narrow winding roads. (We kept joking ‘the road is paved, what more do you want?!’ After spending 3 days driving in similarly narrow and winding roads that were nothing but washed out gravel.)

Upon our arrival, we unloaded our luggage and immediately headed out for a tour of the Viu Manet winery. We joined a couple from Germany as our tour guide showed us around and explained the different parts of the wine making process. Despite all our visits to wineries in South Africa, we had never received such an extensive tour. We were shown all the machinery, oak barrels, and fermenting vats in addition to be taken around the grounds in a horse drawn wagon. At the end we sat down for a tasting of 5 excellent wines before making our way to the shop where we attempted to figure out just how much wine we could fit in our suitcase.

Next we headed to Laura Hartig winery for a tasting where we picked up another bottle and a dinner recommendation. We ate dinner at a picturesque Italian restaurant down the road where we sat on the patio and watched the sunset over the vineyards. I never thought I would eat some of the best Italian food I’ve ever had in Chile, but this was second place to make me question if we were in fact in South America or Italy.

We returned to our hotel and connected to WiFi to discover Cody is terribly sick with norovirus, poor kid. I’m simultaneously glad I’m not there to catch it, but also heartbroken to see him feeling so terribly and not be able to do anything for him :( Apparently it’s going around back home, so stay well friends!