Alicia’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 10 Mar 2019

Location: Torres del Paine, Chile

MapOur shuttle picked us up at 9:30 and we settled in for our 5.5 hour journey to Torres del Paine National Park. The drive was incredible and we made a few stops along the way for lunch and some photos once we entered the park. After check in we ventured out for a short hike to stretch our legs after our long car ride.we hiked a path called Hidden Lagoon, youll never guess what was at the end of the path! We kept stopping along the trail because 1. I needed to breathe and 2. The view was $#&@ing incredible. I definitely thought we had been transported to middle earth or Narnia. It was only a two hour hike, but it was pretty steeply uphill, so we felt pretty tired by the end.

We ate dinner with an impossibly gorgeous view and tried not to drink too much in anticipation of our long hike the next day. After dinner was a briefing for our hike to the Base Towers, its an 8-10 hour hike with some significant uphill portions and I was a bit intimidated...until I met the rest of the group going on the hike. This one girl was asking about breaks and if we got to sit down and I was like uh Ill be sitting, so you can sit with me, lol and another girl was also apprehensive about the uphill portion and I was like, Ill be there puffing on my inhaler so Ill be going slow and she was like omg I have an inhaler too! and we high fived and are now best friends. I already have my hot stone massage booked for the following day, so I think I got this?

P.S. Almost all the tourists here speak English and Im just talking to everyone and making friends and its so nice. Am I drunk writing this entry? Maybe. 🥴