Alicia’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 12 Mar 2019

Location: Torres del Paine , Chile

MapI slept in while crazy Mike went up a hill to get morning fog photos. We ate a late breakfast and Mike went to the heated pool while I got my hot stone massage. That massage was sorely needed and much appreciated. I then ordered hiking poles on Amazon because I’m a believer now, they are amazing, they reduce strain on your knees especially on steep trails and help you keep your footing on slick and loose terrain. I urge all you hikers to convert to the church of the hiking pole! They are not just for old ladies I swear!

In the afternoon we went on a horseback ride through some forest area and along the Rio Serrano. It was just us and another lady so we got to chat a lot with our guide and trot the horses a bit. After the ride we both went to the heated pool and I spent a bit of time in the sauna trying to ease my still aching calves.

Pretty chill day, which was exactly what we needed after yesterday. We also took great advantage of the all inclusive drinks :)