Alicia’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 13 Mar 2019

Location: Torres del Paine, Chile

MapThis morning we walked around the valley a bit on our own, Mike took some pictures and I found a nice spot to read. After lunch we set out on our last hike in the park. We walked to a lake called Sarmiento and saw some rare examples of the thrombolites created by Cyanobacteria that helped make our air breathable for us, well basically made all life on earth possible. This was a short, only 3 miles, but gave us stunning views of the towers, glaciers, lakes and surrounding area. We even saw an avalanche on one of the mountains. I thought it was thunder but then everyone was pointing at the mountain. We also saw some really neat skeletons of guanácos (a llama like animal that the pumas eat). The skeleton was completely intact minus the head.