Alicia’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 14 Mar 2019

Location: Punta Arenas, Chile

MapThis morning we left the beautiful Torres del Paine and stares longingly out the window of our shuttle as we drove through the Patagonian wilderness. 5 hours later we were back in Punta Arenas with some time to kill before dinner. We walked around and quickly realized no one comes to Punta Arenas, people travel through Punta Arenas.

While walking along the old port this older man starts talking to us in Spanish, he first asks if we speak Spanish and I tell him Mike doesn’t but I speak a little. He thankfully slows down and asks where we are from, I tell him and he says he’s from Punta Arenas. He seemed very proud of that fact and starts telling us about this bird on the beach. I don’t catch all of what he says but he tells us about the different birds and penguins (they are all over the old docks) and that the ships are oil ships from Venezuela. I tell him we went to Torres del Paine and he asked if we saw a Puma by making the universal sign of claws out and pouncing. I said no but we saw lots of guanácos (look like llamas, eaten by Pumas). He starts talking faster about Punta Arenas and the beer (there is a brewery nearby) and at this point I’m not catching most of it because he’s talking too fast and my Spanish really isn’t that good, and I feel bad because he’s so excited to be telling us all about whatever he is talking about. I mostly smile and nod and try to grab onto the few words I know and eventually tell him we have to get going to dinner. He vigorously shakes our hands and we are on our way.

We did however manage to find pretty solid steak dinner that served us each a giant bowl of French fries with our meal and of course some delicious Chilean wine.